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1 jan 2022 om 20:24 Bijna 2 uur moeten wachten.
16 dec 2021 om 22:45 I usually order from here and I am happy about it. Today, I order as birthday dinner for my partner and the sushi was not appealing to the eye. Was soggy and I could bearly grab it together. The sushi was falling apart. Not a good experience.
10 dec 2021 om 0:01 The delivery was a little late but the food was great and the service too - they ran out of on item, so they switched it with another, just as tasty item. Would definitely recommend!
4 dec 2021 om 7:17 Bezorging op tijd en lekkere sushi. Wij zijn tevreden.
20 nov 2021 om 20:03 I’m not a picky eater and this was the 2nd worst sushi I’ve ever had. Too much vinegar in the rice. Ebi roll had red ONIONS and was wrapped in RICE PAPER??? Cali roll had absolutely no crab of any kind. Highly disappointing after reading reviews….
5 nov 2021 om 9:06 Uitmuntend. Echt verse sushi met perfecte lauwwarme rijst.
4 nov 2021 om 20:32 Gevraagd om rond 18:00 te bezorgen, om 18:00 was het eten er. Top
18 okt 2021 om 9:48 Bezorg tijd 1 uur en 45 minuten ... 105 minuten ... kan echt niet.